After receiving an email from the wonderful Annie over at Mammasarus blog talking about linky initiatives, I decided I would join in with the Ranty Friday linky. So the following is a bit of a rant on a couple of issues I really have a bee in bonnet about at the moment.

Innocent until proven guilty

First off let me be clear; the allegations of child abuse by MP’s and media figures are disgusting. As someone who worked at the NSPCC I am fully aware of the horrors of abuse and the lasting impact the vile actions of abusers leave on survivors. But this week has seen the internet awash with the names of MP’s accused of abuse.  These people haven’t been found guilty yet and although I am really glad these allegations are being taken seriously and the people accused are being arrested or spoken to by the police. In this country we have a proud tradition of being innocent until proven guilty. The reputation of the accused will never recover even if they are found to be innocent. These accusations are of the most serious nature and I think we would be all better off if they were treated like the serious crime they are and not a tool to sell newspapers or grab TV ratings.

Disaster Politics 

Well thank god Obama got re-elected and we have been spared the crazy neo-liberal extremism and anti women policies of Romney. In his victory speech Obama said; One of his dreams is that the nation’s children would live in an America “that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet.”

Sadly it has taken the devastating consequences of climate change in the form of Hurricane Sandy to come knocking on door of one of the richest and most powerful cities in the western world to put the issue back on the US political agenda. When hurricane Katrina destroyed the poor area of New Orleans barely a fingers was lifted, the poor were left destitute, whilst the rich rebuilt privatised towns with security guards to keep the deemed undesirable out.  The US should be leading on tackling climate change and investing in renewable technologies, such as wind, solar, carbon capture storage and introducing a carbon tax on business. Instead they continue to not commit to legally binding carbon targets and invest in the environmentally reckless practice of shale gas extraction better known as ‘fracking‘. If President Obama wants to create a future where our children don’t live with regular extreme weather events he better act fast.


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