Israel and the inconvenient truth

I am feeling angry and deeply saddened by the latest attack by Israel on the people of Gaza.  Let us remember Gaza is a place with no army, no heavy artillery and no airforce to command. Gaza is essentially a concentration camp surrounded by Israeli checkpoints the the people of Gaza live in poverty, constant fear and terror. Palestinians are called Terrorists but it was the Zionist movement which launched a bombing campaign against the British to force the creation of Israel and the British to abandon Palestine.

Israel is a country born in blood despite the figures being fiercely disputed, what known is that in 1948 Israel Defence Forces ethnically cleansed hundreds of thousands if not millions of Palestinians. I believe Israel has never recovered from the horrific horrors of the genocide but now as they prepare for another ground invasion into Gaza they are overseeing another genocide of their own against some of the persecuted most vulnerable people in the world.

Never Ending War

“The situation in the Israel” “Israel Palestinian conflict” these are some of the terms used to describe the occupation and genocide of Palestinians by the western media. This culture of tolerance and blind support for the actions of Israel by our politicians and media needs to end. I was pleased to hear the Foreign Secretary, William Hague calling for a negotiated two state solution earlier today (20th November 2012).

But this is why I feel it will be a long time before we will ever see a two state solution come into fruition. Like in Orwell’s novel 1984 the ruling power in this case Israel wants never ending “war” with Palestine. By cultivating the illusion of being under constant threat Israel are able to justify a huge defence spend over 7% of GDP and exporting over $18.4 billion in tech exports, many of designed to aide terrorism counter surveillance. Being at constant war has become a way of life for Israel and the Palestinians are being seen as collateral damage to maintain a economically thriving country. Tonight whilst Palestinians in Gaza live in fear of their lives in blood bathed streets just the other side of the wall Israelis are living a very different existence.

This comment from the speech below by Chris Hedges the American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist pretty much sums it all up for me.

He said; ” The lesson of the holocaust is not, Jews are special, is not jews are unique, not that Jews are eternal victims, the lesson of the holocaust is that when you have the capacity to halt genocide and you do not. No matter who carries out that genocide and whom it is against; you are culpable”.

You can watch the full speech by Chris Hedges which sums up the situation in Gaza perfectly in my opinion.

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