About Me

Hello, welcome to my forum for discussing the issues which interest me. It would be hard for me to categorise this blog as the content can vary dramatically from very personal stories to a discussion on international politics or environmental activism.

I am environmentally friendly entrepreneur living in Hackney, East London. I run an ethical digital agency called Social Chic. I would describe my politics as environmental socialism. I believe in the power of peaceful non-violent protest to change the world and  I am a member of the environmental action group Climate Rush.

I believe we live in the most challenging but exciting of times; our generation is faced with a flawed economic system and an environmental emergency in the form of climate change.

However we live in an age where technology has made holding governments and business to account easier than ever.

I write blogs for various other sites including, The Huffington Post, Ohdearism, Guardian and I would love to hear from anyone interested in leftish politics, environmentalism or generally anything I discuss.

I am also open to contact from PR’s, being one it is kind of my duty to be PR friendly.

You can email me at damienclarkson84@gmail.com

Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/damienclarkson

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