Five Bands To Blow Your Mind

Whilst I am enduring my blogging Autumn of discontent, I thought I would share some great music grabbing my attention at the moment.

Grass House

I am lucky enough to be friends with a couple of the guys in this London based 4 piece. NME recently gave their new single 8/10 and compared them to Nick Cave and Johnny Cash. Not bad for a bunch of Tamworth lads, their new single Faun is big step forward and very impressive.

The Gun Outfit

Breathtaking, raw evoking the spirit for Dinosaur JR . This 3 piece from Olympia are following in the footsteps of Olympian forefathers of indie, Beat Happening and Bikini Kill and  every song is currently making my hairs stand on the end.

Weird TV

Another band from Olympia making ripples with riot grrrr inspired punk, just give me a plaid shirt and it could be 1990.

Milk Music

By now I have realised that most of these bands are from Olympia and Milk Music are no exception. Distortion drenched with powerful drumming, just close your eyes and you could be listening to a fresh Husker Du or the Wipers.

White Lung

I started on a non Olympia note, so I thought I would finish on one. White Lung are a Canadian band punk band from Vancouver. They instantly remind me of early 90’s punk band 7 Year Bitch, raw and uncompromising a must listen.


In addition to writing about charity sector communications and politics I also occasionally blog about another passion of mine music.

Recently I have started writing for alternative culture magazine ohdearism for whom I recently interviewed the very talented folk/jazz singer songwriter Fiona Bevan.

Please check out the interview and listen to her music it is truely wonderful.