1989 and the BackSeat HeartBeats

I was going to rant on about Rupert Murdoch and his control of the UK media and how his influence is a stain on modern society, but then I realised it had already been covered in this great article by Henry Porter and Will Hutton in the Guardian.

Therefore I thounght I would blog on something else close to my heart which is music and especially that of a grunge/experimental genre. Before anyone mentions it, I don’t just like plaid shirts and cardigans looking like something dragged out the cupboard of Kurt Cobain, the truth is I love the music with a passion.

So I was delighted when recently had the pleasure of being introduced to a new band called BackSeat HeartBeats, the bassist Gemma played a gig for me in a previous rip roaring grunge band, so I was expecting great things and this band really delivers them. The BackSeat HeartBeats throw me into a world of Kevin Shields, in a guitar battle with Thurston Moore with both competing to come out on top in each song, it almost feel like a Jedi sword fight between guitar heroes. The undercurrents of Hints of Jesus Mary Chain flow through the songs, giving them a great melody before you are hit with broadside of distortion and string bending highly reminiscent of Sonic Youth circa Sister. The vocals rarely rise above the pounding guitars although this is no band thing; they carry a hint of mystery and danger which fits perfectly with their sound. In my opinion this is a band for anyone who wants a ride on the experimental grunge express the problem is you may not want to get off.

Personally I am aboard the BackSeat Heatbeat express with my ticket in hand, a flannel shirt, a slightly dodgy haircut and another recession on the horizon, feels like 1989, except for the fact I am not 5 years old.

The BackSeat HeartBeats have a fabulous new website and are playing dates in London during the next few weeks, make sure you go and check them out.


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