Bing, Bang, Wallop, activism is back

It is official activism is back, last year’s G20 and COP15 protests marked a new era of discontent further inflamed by a fragrant disregard for the environment and the future of young people in this country for examples see the Browne report and BP oil spill and backing for new nuclear power stations.

Environmental pressure group Climate Rush represent a new generation of people ready stand up for fairness in society. In their own words “Climate Rush is community of people who don’t want to sit back and do nothing, and who won’t let evil triumph”. Climate Rush have already brought the environment to the public attention in 2008 they rushed parliament, catapulting founder Tamsin Omond into the public limelight. Well educated, connected and tech savvy, she represents a new kind of activist not ready to take no for an answer as her recent attempts to get a meeting with the Express newspaper demonstrated.

In the week before the comprehensive spending review we are in the calm before the storm, undoubtedly there are going to be severe cuts to public services which threaten to effect the poorest in society and campaigns are already forming to protect our public services.

Ethics is becoming a increasingly prominent issue in business and for good reason just look at COP15 the “squeezed middle” came out in force to remind politicians that we care about our planet. For the new generation of young people our world has been changed by the actions of those bankers which caused the global financial meltdown.  Our lives have been affected and people undoubtedly will suffer.

I personally believe we will fight back, the web has given activists access to new networks and the ability to connect and share ideas quickly on the move. We are a new generation, we are from diverse backrounds, tech savvy, driven by fairness and desire to prevent reckless actions jeopardise our society and environment.

Interesting campaigns and groups to watch:

Climate Rush

Crude Awakening

We the 99%


Whatever the next few years hold it is clear that it won’t be a quiet ride.

Watch this trailor by Just do on the new kind of activist.